Always Say Yes (2019) Spanish (English Subtitle)

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Description: Héctor travels from Hermosillo to Mexico City in the hopes of posing naked for photography collective Feral. His friend Carlos chooses not to go with him. Héctor, determined to experiment with his desire without limits, promises himself to always say yes while in the Aztec capital.
Director: Alberto Fuguet
Writer: Alberto Fuguet (screenplay)
Actors: Gerardo Torres Rodríguez, Pavel Akindog, Anty de la Vega, Lalo Santos, Irvin Morlag, Franco Ruiz, Andrés Sánchez, Effy Oropeza, Christo Cansio
Runtime: 103 min
Language: Spanish
Genres: Romance, Drama
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FileSize: 1.52 GB



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