The State Of Marriage (2015) (Documentary)

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Description: The untold story of how legal pioneer Mary Bonauto partnered with small town Vermont lawyers Beth Robinson and Susan Murray in a 2-decade long struggle that built the foundation for the entire marriage equality movement. Despite fierce opposition, Vermont became the first state to grant same sex couples legal recognition through a groundbreaking 1999 State Supreme Court decision, and the first to legalize marriage equality by legislative vote in 2009. HRC’s Marty Rouse said, “They really changed the course of American history.” Featuring Freedom to Marry founder Evan Wolfson, civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis, and Tony-winning playwright Terrence McNally.
Director: Jeffrey Kaufman
Writer: Jeff Kaufman
Actors: Terrence McNally, John Lewis, Howard Dean, Tom Little, Beth Robinson, Stan Baker, Diane Derby, Nina Beck, Jeffrey Amestoy, Ruth Dwyer, Shap Smith, Peter Shumlin, Kevin Ellis, Pat Fagan, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan
Runtime: 82 min
Language: English
Genres: Documentary

FileSize: 1.37 GB



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