Love Next Door (2013) Thai (English Subtitle)

Khao is an unemployed youngster who housesits a friend's flat - and her cat. Her neighbor is Pete, who is also unemployed but who hustles for money. When one of Pete's customers knocks on Khao's door by mistake, and Khao starts getting customers, it results in sort of a feud between the two, without knowing that he would end up falling in love with Pete.

2gether: The Movie (2021) Thai (English Subtitle)

The movie combining 2gether The Series and Still 2gether, creating a "Complete Edition." This version presents more of Sarawat's point of view in more scenes, such as the story behind their first meeting and why he said "Keep looking at me like that and I will kiss you 'til you drop!" There are also "Hidden Scenes" that were newly-filmed to bind the story together.

Supernatural (2014) Thai (English Subtitle)

Science fiction about a future Thailand. Futuristic, experimental, homo-erotic and with elements of a political essay. With a richness of themes and impressions that wouldn’t get past the censor in Thailand. The maker doesn’t mince his words and isn’t afraid to look reality in the eye.