Spa Night (2016) Korean (English Subtitle)

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Los Angeles' Korean spas serve as meeting place and bridge between past and future for generations of immigrant families; Spa Night explores one Korean-American family's dreams and realities as each struggles with the overlap of personal desire, disillusionment, and sense of tradition.

No Regret (2006) Korean (English Subtitle)

Sumin is an orphan trying to balance work in a factory with study at an art college and an evening job. One night, a rich young businessman makes an advance on him during one of his driving jobs.

Black Summer (2017) Korean (English Subtitle)

Ji Hyun is a contractual employee in the film department at a local college. When time allows, he dedicates himself to writing and directing movies. He is grateful that he is able to do what he enjoys, and spends his days chronicling and archiving ordinary surroundings and occurrences. One day, Ji Hyun is interviewing candidates for a male role in his next film, when he is reunited with Geon Woo, who attended the same university a few years behind him. As the two men become reacquainted, Ji Hyun starts to feel a change in the wind; his heart is beating faster, his pinwheel is picking up speed. Ji Hyun and Geon Woo sense newfound emotions beginning to take hold. In a twist, their relationship is exposed to the college community. Rather than jeopardize Geon Woo's future as an actor, Ji Hyun makes a sacrifice. The two men must ultimately decide how they will react to both despair and hope.

White Night (2012) Korean (English Subtitle)

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Flight attendant Won-Gyu left Korea 2 years ago with painful memories and now comes back. Won-Gyu meets Tae-Joon, who is a quick service delivery man and has a special night with him.

The Host (2006) Korean (English Subtitle)

An American military base of Yongson releases toxic chemicals in the drain to the Han River under the direct order of an arrogant coroner. Six years later, a mutant squid monster leaves the water and attacks people on the side of the river.

Don’t Tell Papa (Dontel Papa) (2004) Korean (English Subtitle)

Don't Tell Papa tells the story of a third-rate DJ who finds his relationship with his young son rapidly deteriorating. Director Lee Sang Hun offers you a hilariously touching tale about an intriguing love affair that will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. After a one night stand high school boy Chul Soo and Ae Lang go their separate ways. However, approximately one year later, a basket with a baby is delivered to Chul's class room. As Ae has left Korea to commence studies in the US, Chul has no choice but to look for a part time job in order to raise the temporarily motherless child.