Category Drama

The Men Next Door (2012)

This is a fast-paced comedy about a 40-year-old gay man who finds himself dating two equally lovable men - a secure 50-year-old who came out later in life, and an adventurous 30-year-old who wasn't looking for a relationship. What he doesn't find out right away is that the two men are, in fact, father and son. And as they say, wackiness ensues.

Five Dances (2013)

Five Dances is a creatively adventurous narrative feature film set in the New York 'downtown' modern dance world. The story follows the rocky emotional journey of an 18-year old dancer with talent to burn, who must choose between his responsibility to his broken family in the Midwest, and forging a life and career for himself.

Blue Lights (2024) Spanish (English Subtitle)

Description: Alejandro’s 70th birthday unveils tensions and secrets within his gay/lesbian friend circle. Relationships evolve as truths about love, loss, and societal shifts emerge, exploring complexities that bind people together. Director: Lucas Santa Ana Writer: Gustavo Pecoraro Actors: Ernesto Larrese,…

Dare (2009)

It's the final semester before graduating from high school, and aspiring actress and good girl Alexa, her outcast gay best friend Ben, and loner bad boy Johnny, go outside their comfort zones, and throw caution to the wind as they venture into unfamiliar young adult sexual grounds. A bumpy ride of high emotion, betrayal, heartbreak, and sexual experimentation.

Second Thought (2024) (Short Film)

Description: Two young gay men meet in Provincetown via Grindr. The film explores the nuances of modern gay dating and highlights the diverse experiences within our community. Director: Jimmy Martin, Kat Holm, Chris Stanley, Art Bezrukavenko Writer: Art Bezrukavenko (writer),…

Dirty (2020) (Short Film)

Description: Marco cuts class to spend the afternoon with his boyfriend, Graham. Things do not go as planned. Director: Matthew Puccini Writer: Matthew Puccini Actors: Manny Dunn, Morgan Sullivan, Sean Patrick Higgins Runtime: 11 min Language: English Genres: Short, Drama,…