Good As You (2012) Italian (English Subtitle)

Description: Eight characters meet during New Year ‘s Eve , inexorably crossing their lives. Four men and four women, gay , lesbian and bisexual , dealing with everyday life, sentimental and working problems, jealousy and betrayals. “Good As You”, acrostic of the word ” gay “, was the slogan used by the homosexual movement in the sixties of the twentieth century , during the protest marches.
Director: Mariano Lamberti
Writer: Mariano Lamberti (screenplay), Riccardo Degni (screenplay), Diego Longobardi (screenplay), Riccardo Pechini (screenplay)
Actors: Enrico Silvestrin, Lorenzo Balducci, Daniela Virgilio, Elisa Di Eusanio, Luca Dorigo, Diego Longobardi, Micol Azzurro, Lucia Mascino, Armando De Razza
Runtime: 95 min
Language: Italian
Genres: Comedy

FileSize: 801.06 MB



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