Three Headed Beast (2022)

Description: A long term couple on the verge of closing their open relationship find themselves in uncharted territory when one of them forms an intense connection with a younger man. Their individual fears and desires collide over a hot Texas summer.
Director: Fernando Andrés, Tyler Rugh
Writer: Fernando Andrés (screenplay), Tyler Rugh (screenplay)
Actors: Daniel Abramson, Sarah J. Bartholomew, Paul Grant, Daniela Vidaurre, Avery Merrifield, Rachel DeRouen, Zach McCardell, Daniela Lewkowicz, Cody Shook, Jacob Schatz, Gray Oates, Mark McCrummen, Cody Chappel, Ryan Grovier, Brandon Seifker
Runtime: 83 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Romance

FileSize: 1.23 GB



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