The Way Out (2022)

Description: Alex, a young addict who is dealing with the loss of his abusive father, finds himself in an unfavorable circumstance after developing an intimate relationship with Shane a charming and dangerous stranger, this manipulative room-mate sends him down a path of destruction that comes with a risky price. Teaching him about life, sex, and fighting back.
Director: Barry Jay
Writer: Barry Jay (writer)
Actors: Jonny Beauchamp, Sherri Shepherd, Mike C. Manning, Ashleigh Murray, Mitch Silpa, Damien Diaz, Evan Todd, Alison Robertson, Nick Scott, Ed Gonzalez Moreno, Anthony Ruiz, Mack Kuhr, Nick Theurer, Amy Chang, Trey Gerrald
Runtime: 94 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Horror

FileSize: 1.72 GB



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