Summerland (2020)

Description: Surviving graduation is just the first challenge for Bray, Oliver, and Stacey, three friends determined to make it to the Summerland music festival, no matter what it takes. Embarking on a road-trip in high-spirits, there’s more than just music waiting for them at the end of the rainbow. Bray has plans to meet Shawn, a boy he met on an online dating site he’s convinced is questioning his sexuality. The problem? He’s been pretending to be Stacey, Oliver’s girlfriend, to get close to him.
Director: Lankyboy
Writer: Chris Ball, Dylan Griffiths, Tesh Guttikonda
Actors: Maddie Phillips, Dylan Playfair, Chris Ball
Runtime: 80 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Comedy

FileSize: 1.14 GB



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