Private Desert (2021) Portuguese (English Subtitle)

Description: 40-year-old Daniel has been suspended from active police work and is under internal investigation for violence. When Sara, his internet love affair, stops answering his texts he decides to drive north in search of her, starting on what is apparently a fool’s errand. He shows Sara’s picture around, but nobody seems to recognize the woman. Until eventually one guy pops up, saying he can put the two in touch under very specific conditions.
Director: Aly Muritiba
Writer: Aly Muritiba (writer), Henrique dos Santos (writer)
Actors: Antonio Saboia, Pedro Fasanaro, Thomás Aquino, Laila Garin, Zezita Matos, Luthero Almeida, Sandro Guerra, Otavio Linhares, Cynthia Senek, Flávio Bauraqui, Leo Miranda, Jandir Santin, Mazé Portugal, Michelle Pucci, Mauro Zanatta
Runtime: 121 min
Language: Portuguese
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.15 GB



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