The Schoolmaster Games (2022) Swedish (English Subtitle)

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Description: St. Sebastian College is only open to male, homosexual students. The same goes for the faculty who fought passionately to create this gay utopia free from hatred and discrimination. But beneath the seemingly perfect façade, a quagmire of jealousy, intrigue, dark secrets and mean lies simmers. It pulsates with eroticism and power games orchestrated by the strict Schoolmasters. In a secret relationship with pupil Charles, the schoolmaster has developed the Schoolmaster Games, an extended game where Charles makes mischief and the Schoolmaster punishes.
Director: Ylva Forner
Writer: Ylva Forner (screenplay), Kristofer Folkhammar (novel)
Actors: Johan Ehn, Christian Arnold, Nino Forss, Arvin Kananian, Johan Charles, Joel Valois, Jani Blom, Oliver Andersson, Simon Kling, Andreas Gauffin, Erik Dahlin, Viktor Flarkell, Johan Wester, Albin Weidenbladh, Thobias Thorwid
Runtime: 82 min
Language: Swedish
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.25 GB



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Duration: 82 Min
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