Grimsey (2018) Spanish (English Subtitle)

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Description: Bruno desperately wants to find Noberto,- who has ran away to Iceland after their break up. After making the trip north, he enlists Arnau, a local tour guide in Reykjavik, who promises to help locate his lost lover. Soon the trip evolves in to a transformative journey for both guide and searcher- and Bruno begins to finally discover what true love really means.
Director: Richard García Vázquez, Raúl Portero
Writer: Richard García Vázquez (writer), Raúl Portero (writer)
Actors: Richard García Vázquez, Fanny Gautier, David Krohnert, Raúl Portero, Nacho San José, Eugenio Sanz
Runtime: 70 min
Language: Spanish
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.46 GB



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