Esteros (2016) Spanish (English Subtitle)

Description: Matias and Jeronimo have known each other since childhood, but their friendship took a new turn during the holiday before starting high school when they both sexually awoke together. Matias’s father indirectly broke up their relationship by accepting a job very far away. More than ten years later, Matias returns to his old town for carnival with his girlfriend and unexpectedly runs into Jeronimo. Feelings will slowly reappear and will reach a climax, but at what price?
Director: Papu Curotto
Writer: Andi Nachon
Actors: Ignacio Rogers, Esteban Masturini, JoaquĆ­n Parada
Rating: 7.0
Vote: 4116
Runtime: 83 min
Language: Spanish
Genres: Drama, Romance

FileSize: 739.6 MB



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