Billy Boy (2021) Spanish (English Subtitle) (Short Film)

Description: In an era marked by the reign of fluid relationships, through apps and blind dates, Alejo seeks to fill his sentimental void by constantly changing sex partners.
Director: Sacha Amaral
Writer: Sacha Amaral (screenplay)
Actors: Patricio Aramburu, Miel Bargman, Gabriela Saidón, Paco Fernández Onnainty, Valentín Piñeiro, Dixit, Pablo Mazzu, Santi Grandone, José Gonzalés Del Cerro, Anton Aguiló von Bierbrauer zu Brennstein, Aurora Grandone Saidon, Juan Manuel Bramuglia, Julie Boute, Camilo Polotto Javkin, Pablo E. Cavaignac
Runtime: 24 min
Language: Spanish
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.01 GB



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