Aloof (2020) Hebrew (English Subtitle) (Short Film)

Description: Yariv is a shy photographer charged to take photos at a family birthday. The photographs he takes highlight his problematic relationship with his brother, and increasingly intertwine to his extreme sexual experiences at the gay sauna.
Director: Itai Jamshy
Writer: Itai Jamshy (writer)
Actors: Nadav Portiansky, Avi Golomb, Yonatan Kubani, Benny Kvodi, Ami Weinberg, Yonit Apple, Michael Bodas, Isak Kohaly, Lia Krichali, Arik Leybovich, Roi Shambiko, Adi Weidberg
Runtime: 15 min
Language: Hebrew
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 652.35 MB



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