Vilom (2020) Hindi (English Subtitle)

90 votes, average 6.2 out of 10

Description: Vilom, a lonely, isolated young man from India, is obsessed with becoming internet-famous and deeply confused about his sexuality. When he moves in with Amay, a dynamic, openly gay hairdresser, and Nivi, a beautiful struggling actress, he finds that they are both slowly falling in love with him. This sudden love triangle leads to even more confusion, forcing Vilom to examine his sexual and romantic wants and needs on an even deeper level. Meanwhile, societal pressures and prejudices are beginning to build just outside the walls of their home.
Director: Sunder Pal
Writer: Sunder Pal (writer)
Actors: Ambika Kamal, Manish Kumar, Navpreet Moti, Sunder Pal, Deepak Saini, Kirandeep Singh
Runtime: 80 min
Language: Hindi
Genres: Romance, Drama

FileSize: 2.47 GB



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