The Invisible Thread (2022) Italian (English Subtitle)

Description: Leone, 16 years old and two dads, Simone and Paolo, was born in California thanks to Tilly, an American woman who helped his parents to bring him into the world. Leone then grew up in Italy like all the other children but he also experienced the struggles for rights in which his family participated. All this is told in a short video that Leone is preparing as a school assignment together with Jacopo, his best friend. Just as, dodging prejudices and misunderstandings about his sexuality, Leone is about to experience his first love story, the solidity of his family seems to be in danger. Living a complex family situation will push Leo to reflect on the true nature of the “invisible thread” that binds him to his fathers and to all those who wanted his birth.
Director: Marco Simon Puccioni
Writer: Marco Simon Puccioni, Luca De Bei, Gianluca Bernardini
Actors: Filippo Timi, Francesco Scianna, Francesco Gheghi
Rating: 6.7
Vote: 1537
Runtime: 109 min
Language: Italian (Sub: English)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family

FileSize: 2.02 GB




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