Sunburn (2018) Portuguese (English Subtitle)

Description: A modern villa in the dry Portuguese summer landscape. The sun scorching bright high in the sky, four well-built bodies – three male, one female – hanging out by the pool, on the porch, in the bedrooms. All seem to be waiting for something, or as it soon turns out – someone. Scene by scene we are revealed the complex interpersonal relations and the most important, the relation of all the characters with the one who is being waited for. Who is that mythical person and what will happen when he finally arrives?
Director: Vicente Alves do Ó
Writer: Vicente Alves do Ó (writer)
Actors: Oceana Basílio, Ricardo Pereira, Nuno Pardal, Ricardo Barbosa, Rafael Gomes, Carlos Oliveira
Runtime: 82 min
Language: Portuguese
Genres: Romance

FileSize: 1.38 GB



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