Sabor Tropical (2009)

Description: Sex-charged journalist Brian is chosen by an online publication to travel to Panama and document one of Latin America s premier festival celebrations Carnaval de Las Tablas. Dangers lurk for foreigners, and caught up in the carnival madness, Brian’s outgoing manners suddenly place him in situations of both desperation and violence. Things are not what he expected when Brian sets out to meet his online hook-ups. A surprising relationship ensues and his fluid sexuality flows with a jagged edge in this tropical, rum soaked drama.
Director: Jorge Ameer
Writer: Jorge Ameer (writer)
Actors: Matthew Leitch, Jose Rosete, Jorge Ameer, Jean Carlos London, Torie Tyson
Runtime: 119 min
Language: English
Genres: Thriller, Drama

FileSize: 965.4 MB



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