SoulMaid (2007)

Description: Loosely based on the classic story of Sleeping Beauty, this irreverent fairy tale for modern audiences follows a man named Moses, whose frequent seizures are characterized by the appearance of Glintentica, a spurned Goddess planning her return to earth. Problems arise when Glintentica becomes determined to take over the soul of David, Moses’ new love interest.
Director: Jeffrey Maccubbin, Josef Steiff, Jeffrey McHale, Dan Mohr
Writer: Jeffrey Maccubbin (writer)
Actors: Joe Schenck, Tom Bailey, Becca Connolly, Margaret Bell, Tim Harms, Will Byrne, Sam Koenigsberg, Sean Ewert, Helen Larimore, Jeffrey Maccubbin, Felix Olivares, Victor Vargas, Jeffrey McHale, Luis A. Perez, David J. Evans
Runtime: 99 min
Language: English
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

FileSize: 842.23 MB



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