Sebastian’s World (2010) Norwegian (English Subtitle)

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Description: Sebastian’s world is full of raw violence and cynicism. He’ll go to any length to fulfill his dream of a life in absolute luxury. But then he’ll have commit a crime after another.
Director: Knut Møller-Lien
Writer: Knut Møller-Lien (writer)
Actors: Andreas Wilson, Christian Strand, Morten Rudå, Kim Bodnia, Finn Schau, Kjersti Døvigen, Brit Elisabeth Haagensli, Per Jansen, Ivar Nørve, Sidsel Ryen, Arne Hvidsten, Charles Wojnicki, Champ, Camilla Malmquist, Nicolas Faraone
Runtime: 94 min
Language: Norwegian
Genres: Drama
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FileSize: 1.33 GB



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