Outrageous! (1977)

Description: Gay hair stylist Robin Turner does a lot of work for drag queens, all the while dreaming that he’ll someday find the courage to perform in drag himself. When his schizophrenic friend, Liza, turns up looking for a place to stay, the two form an increasingly tight bond, Robin helping Liza through an unplanned pregnancy and Liza pushing Robin to develop a successful nightclub act.
Director: Richard Benner
Writer: Richard Benner (writer), Margaret Gibson Gilboord (writer), Brenda Hoffert (lyricist)
Actors: Craig Russell, Hollis McLaren, Richert Easley, Allan Moyle, David McIlwraith, Gerry Salsberg, Andrée Pelletier, Helen Shaver, Martha Gibson, Helen Hughes, Jonah Royston, Richard Moffatt, David Woito, Rusty Ryan, Trevor Bryan
Runtime: 96 min
Language: English
Genres: Comedy

FileSize: 1.5 GB



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