Open (2010)

Description: Open is a hallucinogenic journey through gender, identity, the body, love and how those can be shared by two people. The film consists of interlocking stories lines- the first about two trans women in a pandrogynous relationship in which they simultaneously receive plastic surgery treatments to mirror each other’s features to ideally form into a single person. The second story follows a trans man and his new (cisgender) boyfriend as they run away from home and push against their own personal boundaries while dealing with his unexpected pregnancy.
Director: Jake Yuzna
Writer: Jake Yuzna (screenplay)
Actors: Tempest Crane, Jendeen Forberg, Gaea Gaddy, Morty Diamond, Daniel Luedtke, Jill Sweiven, Andy Scott Harris
Runtime: 88 min
Language: English
Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

FileSize: 835.12 MB



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