Duffer (1972)

Description: Duffer, an intense and bizarre study of obsession that is by turns beautiful and disturbing, tells the story of a teenage boy torn between the womanly charms of a kindly prostitute, and the sadistic attentions of an older man. Both whimsical and disturbing, with a quirky sense of the grotesque, Duffer is a film that defies easy comparison.
Director: Joseph Despins, William Dumaresq
Writer: William Dumaresq (writer)
Actors: William Dumaresq, Kit Gleave, Erna May, Lisa Doran, Marcelle MacHardie, Bogomir Rampre, Anthony Lambert, Traute Kraus, Jean-Pierre Roche, Marie-Jeanne Savigny
Runtime: 71 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.43 GB



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