North Of Vortex (1991)

Description: A gay poet heads west from New York City in his convertible. He picks up a muscular sailor who’s bisexual; then Jackie, a waitress at a diner, joins them. Jackie is attracted to the poet who rebuffs her romantic gestures; rejection fuels her continued interest in him. The sailor and the poet are bonded by sex, but the sailor’s frank advances to Jackie make him uninteresting to her. The sailor can get violent, the poet is passive, Jackie is glamorous and detached. The landscape changes, they stop in cities and in the desert. They reach a lake. Who will be left out of a final pairing?
Director: Constantine Giannaris
Writer: Constantine Giannaris, Paul Hallam
Actors: Stavros Zalmas, Valda Z. Drabla, Howard Napper, Kevin Graal
Runtime: 58 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 509.16 MB



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