My Rosy Life, His Rosy Passion (2014) Japanese (English Subtitle)

Description: When Otoya confesses that he is married, Junpei cannot hide his anger of being betrayed. However, Otoya says it is a fake marriage. He met his wife through matchmaking because of his father. She is emotionally unstable and an alcoholic. But he gets to use her to cover his gay identity. One day, Junpei goes to Otoya’s house and meets his wife when he is out. It leads to Otoya suggesting Junpei to move in and become his roommate.
Director: Yutaka Ikejima
Writer: Kyôko Godai
Actors: Yûya Tsuruta, Wataru Matsumoto, Ayumu Kuroki
Runtime: 62 min
Language: Japanese (Subs: English Hardcoded)
Genres: Romance

FileSize: 1.91 GB



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