Love And Death On Long Island (1997)

4088 votes, average 6.9 out of 10

Description: Curmudgeonly author Giles De’Ath, a widower with a marked distaste for modern popular culture, attempts to buy a ticket for a film adaptation of an E.M. Forster novel, but instead finds himself watching a tacky teen sex comedy. Yet when the beautiful Ronnie Bostock appears on the movie screen, Giles finds himself caught in a whirlwind of unanswered questions about both his own sexuality and his place in late 20th-century society.
Director: Richard Kwietniowski
Writer: Gilbert Adair, Richard Kwietniowski
Actors: John Hurt, Jason Priestley, Fiona Loewi
Runtime: 93 min
Language: English
Genres: Comedy, Drama

FileSize: 1.46 GB



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