Flyfishing (2002)

Description: Good-looking, well-spoken Phil is broke and cannot understand how flatmate James has recently acquired a lot of extra cash and a permanent grin on his face. James’s secret? Adonis Escorts – 40 pounds an hour, 150 for the night. Faced with imminent eviction, a reluctant Phil is persuaded to join the agency and soon the two gigolos have a loyal following including bored housewife, Frances. In fact business is booming until love rears its ugly head. And then chaos reigns as James falls in love with Phil, Phil falls in love with Helen, Helen takes Phil home to her mother – Frances, Frances goes crazy because she had fallen for her daughter’s new boyfriend Phil, and Darren just wants to make it alright – by settling down with James. Who is definitely not gay. Just confused!
Director: David L. Williams
Writer: Paul Barnhill, Roger Thomas, Neil Warhurst
Actors: Kate Ashfield, Frances Barber, Helen Baxendale
Runtime: 82 min
Language: English
Genres: Comedy

FileSize: 700.08 MB



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