Fashion Victims (2007) German (English Subtitle)

Description: Salesman Wolfgang has lost his vital drivers licence while being threatened by a rival stealing his customers. So he desperately recruits his son Karsten as a reluctant chauffeur. To top it all, Karsten falls in love with his dad’s rival.
Director: Ingo Rasper
Writer: Ingo Rasper (writer), Tim Streuber (writer)
Actors: Edgar Selge, Florian Bartholomäi, Roman Knizka, Franziska Walser, Traute Hoess, Horst Krause, Gottfried Breitfuß, Lara Beckmann, Janna Wangenbach, Jessica Schwarz, Irm Hermann, Eva Löbau, Elert Bode, Susanna Fernandes-Genebra, Sabine Hollweck
Runtime: 105 min
Language: German
Genres: Comedy

FileSize: 1.08 GB



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