Barcelona Summer Night (2013) Catalan (English Subtitle)

Description: In 2012 the comet Rose crossed the skies of the city of Barcelona and its magic that night caused 346 love stories flourish. An atmosphere of dreams, hopes and desire mixed to give a special connection between people. From these stories six are the stars of the film. A dinner among friends with a love of life is coupled with a first time for miles. An encounter that can change their lives and revive old ties that clash with the discovery of a baby on the way. In parallel, the struggle between friendship and love strikes the last story, a clandestine love between gay athletes who have to make a tough decision.
Director: Dani de la Orden
Writer: Daniel González, Eric Navarro, Eduard Sola
Actors: Francesc Colomer, Jan Cornet, Joan Dausà
Runtime: 96 min
Language: Catalan (Subs: English)
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

FileSize: 1.58 GB



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