Enfant Terrible (2020) German (English Subtitle)

Description: When 22-year-old Rainer Werner Fassbinder storms the stage of a small, progressive theatre in Munich 1967, and seizes the production without further ado, nobody suspects this brazen young rebel to become one of the most important post-war German filmmakers. Despite early setbacks, many of his films breakout at the most renowned films festivals and polarise audience, critics and filmmakers alike. His radical views and self-exploitation, as well as his longing for love, have made him one of the most fascinating film directors of this time.
Director: Oskar Roehler
Writer: Klaus Richter, Oskar Roehler
Actors: Oliver Masucci, Hary Prinz, Katja Riemann
Runtime: 134 min
Language: German (Subs: English)
Genres: Biography, Drama

FileSize: 1.63 GB




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