Blue Jeans (1977) French (English Subtitle)

Description: First love and the fickleness of adolescence is the theme in this charming drama. The story follows a pretty blonde French youth who is sent with his classmates to an English seaside resort for the summer to study English. It is there that he first meets and “falls in love” with a girl, but when the girl spurns him for an older teenager, his attentions and affections are soon shifted to him. A touching and sensitive tale.
Director: Hugues Burin des Roziers
Writer: Hugues Burin des Roziers (writer)
Actors: Gilles Budin, Michel Gibet, Daniel Véry, Thierry Dolon, Jérôme Cadiou, Eric Noël, Eric Bourcier, Pierre Bident, Pierre Marichal, Pierre Bonzans, Daïna Lavarenne, Gabriel Cattand, Gérard Croce
Runtime: 76 min
Language: French
Genres: Family, Drama, Romance

FileSize: 1.43 GB



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