August (2011)

Description: August tells the story of two former lovers, Troy and Jonathan, who reunite after a long ago painful breakup. After spending several years in Spain, Troy returns to Los Angeles and decides to phone Jonathan and meet for coffee. A seemingly innocent rendezvous turns into an attempt to revive passions past. Only this time it’s not that simple as Jonathan has a new beau, Raul, and is trying to make the right decision a second time around.
Director: Eldar Rapaport
Writer: Eldar Rapaport, Brian Sloan
Actors: Murray Bartlett, Edward Conna, Adrian Gonzalez
Rating: 6.2
Votes: 1779
Rated: Not Rated
Runtime: 99 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Romance

FileSize: 1.64 GB




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