7 Kinds Of Wrath (2014) Greek (English Subtitle)

Description: Petros is a gay archaeologist who experiences the naked Greek paranoia in the center of Athens. Either by choice or coincidence, he comes into contact with people who are “different”: An Arab immigrant, who comes to Greece, a land of “infidels”, determined to conquer it by any means; A Greek-French cello player, who is burdened by the agony of her alcoholic mother; A young Albanian pianist, who carries the curse of his own personal genius and divinity; A Greek immigrant, who was repatriated but now has nowhere to call home; A bank director, who believes everything can be bought, even love; A patrolman, who creates his own version of socio-political reality. Petros’ contact with these people is in fact a traumatic experience. For each encounter he has to pay a price. Sometimes the price is material, while other times it’s emotional. At times it is both. Will the experience gained make up for the loss?
Director: Christos Voupouras
Writer: Giorgos Korras (screenplay), Christos Voupouras (screenplay), Christos Voupouras (novel), Vasiliki Eliopoulou (screenplay)
Actors: Maximos Moumouris, Nikos Gelia, Sofia Kokkali, Haris Fragoulis, Kora Karvouni, Vasilis Xenikakis, Muzafer Zifla, Ieronymos Kaletsanos, Maria Skoula, Stelios Mainas, Nena Menti, Maya Lyberopoulou, Titika Sarigouli, Thanos Sakellariou, Dimitris Kampolis
Runtime: 105 min
Language: Greek
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.2 GB



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