Two Drifters (2005) Portuguese (English Subtitle)

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Description: After breaking up with her boyfriend, a woman named Odete descends into madness and claims to be pregnant with the child of her neighbour Pedro, who died in a car crash and is mourned by his boyfriend Rui.
Director: João Pedro Rodrigues
Writer: João Pedro Rodrigues (screenplay), Paulo Rebelo (screenplay)
Actors: Ana Cristina Oliveira, Nuno Gil, João Carreira, Teresa Madruga, Carloto Cotta, Filipa Gordo, Cláudia Faria, Eric Santos, Carlos Pimenta, João Carlos Arruda, Francisco Peres, Maria João Falcão, Carlos Afonso Pereira, Beatriz Torcato, Marta Mateus
Runtime: 101 min
Language: Portuguese
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 694.24 MB



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