Tongues Untied (1989) (Documentary)

Description: Marlon Riggs, with assistance from other gay Black men, especially poet Essex Hemphill, celebrates Black men loving Black men as a revolutionary act. The film intercuts footage of Hemphill reciting his poetry, Riggs telling the story of his growing up, scenes of men in social intercourse and dance, and various comic riffs, including a visit to the “Institute of Snap!thology,” where men take lessons in how to snap their fingers: the sling snap, the point snap, the diva snap.
Director: Marlon Riggs
Writer: Donald Woods (writer), Marlon Riggs (writer), Essex Hemphill (writer), Steve Langley (writer), Joseph Beam (writer), Chris Harris (writer), Reginald Jackson (writer), Alan Miller (writer)
Actors: Marlon Riggs, Essex Hemphill, Brian Freeman, Michael Bell, Willi Ninja, Kerrigan Black, Blackberri, Djola Bernard Branner, Eddie Murphy
Runtime: 55 min
Language: English
Genres: Documentary

FileSize: 846.7 MB



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