AKA (2002)

Description: In 1970s Britain, Dean a lower-class British teen, is kicked out of his family home. Desperate to make a new start in high society, he secures work with the very upper-crust Lady Gryffoyn. But Dean is soon back on the street, relocating to Paris under the identity of Gryffoyn’s son. He finds friendship with hustler Benjamin and his lover, David. But, with all the deception and romantic confusion, Dean’s new life proves to be a struggle.
Director: Duncan Roy
Writer: Duncan Roy (writer)
Actors: Matthew Leitch, Diana Quick, George Asprey, Rachel Pickup, Sam Newman, Lindsey Coulson, Blake Ritson, Peter Youngblood Hills, Geoff Bell, Hannah Yelland, Bill Nighy, Fenella Woolgar, Sean Gilder, Robin Soans, Stephen Boxer
Runtime: 123 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.63 GB



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