The Rev (2021) (Short Film)

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Description: Once, Neil Marlow’s life was a spontaneous festival of frivolity, friends and funk music. Now, it’s one of OAPs, weekly bingo and ready-meals. Neil Marlow (aka The Rev) has chosen a life of the cloth above a life of liberalism. Like so many before him, he is convinced that his sexuality and extroverted personality are incompatible with his religious beliefs. This is the story of that struggle. The struggle of repression and rejection, of the vain attempt to leave a part of himself behind in the belief that he will somehow be happier if he inhibits his true self.
Director: Fabia Martin
Writer: Fabia Martin (writer)
Actors: Jack Holden, Nigel Thomas, Sally Saunders, Chris Gallarus, Tamsin Fessey, Imogen Bickford-Smith, Ekow Quartey, John Dalton, Cohen Bates, Betty Bestall, Joanna O’Hare, Jerome Swan
Runtime: 16 min
Language: English
Genres: Comedy

FileSize: 695.26 MB



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