The Prince (El Príncipe) (2019) Spanish (English Subtitle)

Description: Chile, 1970. During a night of heavy drinking, Jaime, a lonely 20-year-old young man, is sentenced to prison. There, he meets “The Stallion”, an older and respected man in whom he finds protection, and from whom he learns about love and loyalty. But as their relationship grows stronger, “The Stallion” faces the violent power struggles within the prison.
Director: Sebastián Muñoz
Writer: Miguel Machalski (other), Marta Loza Alonso (other), Sebastián Muñoz (screenplay), Luis Barrales (screenplay), Francisca Bernardi (other)
Actors: Juan Carlos Maldonado, Alfredo Castro, Gastón Pauls, Lux Pascal, Catalina Martin, Paola Volpato, Sebastián Ayala, Jaime Leiva, Nicolás Zárate, Cesare Serra, Paula Zúñiga, José Antonio Raffo, Andrés Pozo, Andrés Sánchez, Juan Carlos Corales
Runtime: 96 min
Language: Spanish
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 1.04 GB



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