Such Good People (2014)

Description: Married gay couple Alex and Richard love (covet) the upscale home of Jake and Chloe Jones, an affluent couple who operate a questionable charity for foreign orphans. Alex and Richard crash the Jones’ house party just as the Jones’s seek new house-sitters for their latest overseas trip. While the boys house-sit and discover a secret room with nearly a million dollars inside, word comes that the rich couple have died, leaving the house-sitters in a quandary over what to do next. Complicating the situation is Alex’ half-sister Paige, who is married, pregnant, highly competitive against Alex, equally covetous of the house, ruthless, knowledgeable about there being a hidden fortune somewhere, and who, along with her husband Cooper, have been swindled by the Jones’s and aggressively want what’s due them.
Director: Stewart Wade
Writer: David Michael Barrett, Greg Sterling
Actors: Michael Urie, Randy Harrison, James Urbaniak
Runtime: 97 min
Language: English, Spanish
Genres: Comedy, Mystery

FileSize: 2.72 GB



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