Madame Satã (2002) Portuguese (English Subtitle)

Description: A story inspired by the life of one of the most remarkable figures in Brazilian popular culture, João Francisco dos Santos (1900-1976). In turn, bandit, transvestite, street fighter, brothel cook, convict and father to seven adopted children, dos Santos – better known as Madame Satã – was also a notorious gay performer who pushed social boundaries in a volatile time.
Director: Karim Aïnouz
Writer: Sérgio Machado (writer), Karim Aïnouz (writer), Marcelo Gomes (writer), Mauricio Zacharias (writer)
Actors: Lázaro Ramos, Marcélia Cartaxo, Flávio Bauraqui, Renata Sorrah, Fellipe Marques, Emiliano Queiroz, Gero Camilo, Floriano Peixoto, Eduardo Coutinho, Ricardo Blat, Karine Teles
Runtime: 105 min
Language: Portuguese
Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance, History

FileSize: 1.54 GB



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