Lubtha (2019) (Short Film)

Description: A short film inspired by true events and follows the story of a teenager dealing with his sexuality whilst having to grow up in early 90s Northern Ireland. As physical and mental abuse become a daily struggle, Fintan retreats into a world of anger and silence. With no solution on the horizon, he yearns to escape from the small town he’s been trapped in all his life, bringing nothing but his younger brother. As he comes closer to planning his journey to freedom, one night he is shown the reality of acceptance and love.
Director: Ethan McDowell
Writer: Ethan McDowell (writer)
Actors: Oliver Scullion, Conor Gormally, Josh Hegarty, Ciara Gallagher, Geraldine Galligan, Kyran Gilloway
Runtime: 14 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 519.22 MB



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