Live For Sex… Die For Love (2007)

Description: In a compound on the north side of town an evil man named Roco a professional white slave trader and his side kick Vinnie played by the tattooed and muscled Ricky Sinz run a sex den that consists of a three story building and an alley in the back of that building. They have very few scruples as they exploit the sex obsessed desperate and lonely clients, creating the addicts they would need to generate the profits they crave. Good old Roco, what goes around comes around and Roco will get his. Oh yes, wait and see.
Director: Toby Ross, Joe Rubin
Writer: Toby Ross, Joe Rubin
Actors: Martin Aistrope, Alfred Beattie, Bart Braden
Runtime: 85 min
Language: English
Genres: Crime

FileSize: 1.25 GB



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