La Cage Aux Folles II (1980) French (English Subtitle)

Description: Nightclub owner Renato and his transvestite companion/lover Albin becoming involved with the local cops and foreign spies when Albin unwittingly gets his hands on a roll of stolen microfilm. The gay couple then hide out in Renato’s native Italy, but find little peace there with their frequent bickering among themselves.
Director: Édouard Molinaro
Writer: Jean Poiret, Francis Veber, Marcello Danon
Actors: Michel Serrault, Ugo Tognazzi, Marcel Bozzuffi
Rating: 5.7
Vote: 2053
Runtime: 102 min
Language: French (Subs: English)
Genres: Comedy

FileSize: 1.2 GB



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