King Size (2007) French (English Subtitle)

Description: This sexy and very entertaining musical comedy shows the ups and downs of engaging in a ‘ménage à trois’. When Vincent and Nicholas, a very much integrated and respected long-time couple, suddenly decide to live together with young Gabriel, they must confront the moral disapproval of their gay friends, a jealous sister, and practicalities like how to find a bed that’s big enough. Filmed against a stunning Paris as backdrop, this all-out song and dance extravaganza almost explodes on-screen in a very French ‘Joie de vivre’.
Director: Patrick Maurin
Writer: Christophe Botti, Stephane Botti, Patrick Maurin
Actors: Jonathan Burteaux, Laurent Artufel, Claude Jan
Runtime: 59 min
Language: French
Genres: Musical, Romance

FileSize: 565.16 MB



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