Fall Away (2011)

Description: On the verge of being discovered, the secretly gay lead singer for up-and-coming country folk band “65 Home” dies violently in a back alley. We follow the friends and lovers of ‘Handsome Jake’ as they try to come to terms with the singer’s untimely death. As the band travels to Nashville to honor his passing, we discover that there are many Jake’s – the brother, the lover, the poet, the liar and the cruel manipulator. As the band members cross the Midwest with Jake’s ashes on board their Winnebago, they must now struggle to regroup, understand what happened, and find a way to move on. But can they do it without Jake?
Director: Julian Grant
Writer: Julian Grant, Grant Stokes
Actors: Grant Stokes, Nathanael Card, Erinn Strain
Runtime: 91 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama

FileSize: 744.64 MB



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