Double Mints (2017) Japanese (English Subtitle)

241 votes, average 5.8 out of 10

Description: Mitsuo Ichikawa receives a phone call from Mitsuo Ichikawa. Their names are pronounced the same, but spelled differently using kanji. They also graduated from the same high school. Back in their high school days, Mitsuo Ichikawa was like a subordinate to Mitsuo Ichikawa. Mitsuo Ichikawa is now a hoodlum and tells the other Mitsuo that he killed a woman. They become accomplices and build a new relationship.
Director: Eiji Uchida
Writer: Asumiko Nakamura (writer)
Actors: Yasushi Fuchikami, Shunsuke Tanaka, Shunpei Kawagoshi, Kenta Suga, Ami Tomite, Kazuya Takahashi, Shigemitsu Ogi, Wataru Ichinose, Daikichi Sugawara, Mio Imada, Shinsuke Kato
Runtime: 102 min
Language: Japanese
Genres: Romance

FileSize: 1.23 GB



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