Daddy Issues (2018)

Description: Maya, a 19-year-old queer pixie, spends her days working on her art and cyberstalking her insta-crush, sexually-fluid fashion designer Jasmine. One night Maya boldly meets Jasmine IRL, there’s an insta-spark, and the two begin an inspiring romantic relationship that gives Maya her first taste of true love and Jasmine the inspiration she needs to jump-start her career. It’s all gumdrops and fairytales until Maya discovers that Jasmine’s in a co-dependent relationship with a neurotic sugar daddy. What started as a dream come true turns into a beautiful nightmare.
Director: Amara Cash
Writer: Alex Bloom, Amara Cash
Actors: Madison Lawlor, Montana Manning, Andrew Pifko
Runtime: 81 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Romance

FileSize: 1.27 GB



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