Clay Farmers (1988)

Description: Mike, a young hired hand in California is working a small farm with a close friend, Dan. Mike is content on the farm and obviously attracted to the handsome Dan. Dan seems to be attracted to Mike as well but is a drifter and not happy as a farmer. He longs to finish out the contract and move on to a big city, perhaps with Mike. Gary, a boy from the next farm over, befriends them during their daily chores. When an innocent session of skinny-dipping is misconstrued, the young hired hands soon find themselves unjustly suspected of wrongdoing in a suddenly hostile small town.
Director: A.P. Gonzalez
Writer: Michael Moore
Actors: Nicholas Rempel, Todd Fraser, Asbury Ward
Runtime: 60 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama, Mystery

FileSize: 1.71 GB



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