Citizen Cohn (1992)

Description: As lawyer Roy Cohn rests in his hospital room, ravaged by the effects of AIDS, he thinks back on his life. Cohn was very instrumental in the success of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s investigations into communist activity in the United States. However, despite Cohn’s powerful, intimidating tactics and his influence with such figures as J. Edgar Hoover, he had his own secret: homosexuality. Cohn tries to come to terms with those he has affected and himself.
Director: Frank Pierson
Writer: David Franzoni (writer), Nicolas von Hoffman (book)
Actors: James Woods, Joe Don Baker, Joseph Bologna, Ed Flanders, Frederic Forrest, Lee Grant, Pat Hingle, John McMartin, Josef Sommer, Daniel Benzali, Tovah Feldshuh, John Finn, Frances Foster, Allen Garfield, David Marshall Grant
Runtime: 107 min
Language: English
Genres: Drama, TV Movie, History

FileSize: 1.46 GB



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